Benefits Of Regular Massage Sessions

23 March 2019 Hidden Massage
Regular Massage Sessions

Massage is good for you, tantric massages even more so. However, if you’re only going for one or two sessions, you might be missing out on benefits that can occur only with long term massages. You may experience a certain renewal in energy, but probably only for a short period of time after your session. Hence, it is recommended that you go for regular massage sessions – around once or twice a month, to fully restore your mind and body throughout the year. Here’s what regular massage sessions will do for you:

Relaxation and stress reduction

You know how you always feel more relaxed and you can sleep better after a massage? The more you head over to a professional masseuse, the more your body and mind will get its stress relief. Especially with tantric massage where your sensations will be heightened, you will feel a higher level of release after each session. Being constantly relaxed and stress free helps you to focus on other important matters in your life.

Increases your energy

After a few regular sessions of tantric massage, your Kundalini energy won’t be dormant anymore – instead, it will flow rhythmically through you all the time to awaken your various chakras. This in turn promotes a higher level of energy for you to take life by the horns.

Lowers your blood pressure

If you just go for a single session of massage, you’ll find that your blood pressure can become lower due to the feel good hormones and relaxation effects that will be released during your session. To keep your blood pressure at an optimum level all the time, try regular massage sessions. In tantric massage, not only will your body be taken care of, but your mind will also be stimulated. This promotes a double effect for you where both your physical and mental states will be balanced, ensuring that your blood pressure stays in control.

Increases your libido and manages your emotions

Tantric massage is meant to create sexual healing and awakening for you about the sexual energy within your body. The more you go for regular tantric massage sessions, the more you will see your libido increase, making you perform well during intimate times. By promoting sexual awakening where you learn to enjoy the touch of your masseuse as well as heal any shameful feelings about sex or your own body, you will also find that your emotions can be better managed with regular massage sessions.

More effective than one or two sessions only

Needless to say, regular massage sessions will be more effective in cleansing, toning, and healing your body and soul than just one or two sessions of massage. If you stretch out your massage sessions for too long, the stress that you face in everyday life will eventually catch up with you and your massage sessions will go to waste. Having regular massages, including tantric massages, will ensure that you experience the benefits of massage more effectively than non-regular sessions.

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