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This Is Why You Should Get A Lingam Massage For Your Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing condition,especially for men. For most of them, your manhood is like your life. Your sexual prowess is a highly regarded capability. So without it, then what are you left with? This condition is in essence, a catastrophe because if you can’t get hard or even sustain the hardness, your chances […]

Benefits of regular tantric massage

The Best Erotic Massages For Men

Massages aren’t only meant for relaxation. Our massages will give you amazing erotic pleasure that can take your mind and body to higher places. For men, there are a couple of massage procedures that will have the hair on your back tingling with delight. Such techniques typically focus on your member and rightly so. It […]

Lingam Massage Strokes

Get To Know: Lingam Massage Strokes

In lingam massage, the ultimate goal isn’t to achieve physical orgasm, but to allow the receiver of the massage to connect with his feelings about sexuality and learn how to harness his sexual energy. There are different lingam massage strokes that can facilitate this process. Take a look at the following to get to know […]

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How To Communicate Effectively With Your Masseuse

Whether it’s your first or hundredth time visiting a masseuse, having effective communication between the two of you will lead to better results for your massage. When it comes to tantric massages, it is even more important for you to open up and talk about what works or doesn’t work for you with your masseuse. […]

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Great Music For Tantric/Erotic Massages

One of the factors that can influence the quality of your tantric or erotic massage session is the environment. This takes into account the decorations, surroundings, and last but not least, the music to set the mood. Here are some of the great music that we know will do justice to your tantric/erotic massage sessions: […]

Benefits of regular tantric massage

Benefits Of Regular Massage Sessions

Massage is good for you, tantric massages even more so. However, if you’re only going for one or two sessions, you might be missing out on benefits that can occur only with long term massages. You may experience a certain renewal in energy, but probably only for a short period of time after your session. […]

Erotic Lingam and Tantric Massage in Warsaw

How To Enjoy A Lingam Massage

Part of tantric massage includes lingam massage. The word ‘lingam’ comes from an ancient Sanskrit word for penis. Lingam massage focuses on the male genitalia to help men achieve a conscious and loving contact with their masculinity and sexuality. It was further developed by Joseph Kramer and popularised in the West. Lingam massage can provide […]

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Tantric Massage And Chakras

Tantric massage aims to awaken the Kundalini energy within your body and allow it to travel from the base chakra to the crown chakra. As this energy manifests and moves along the spine, it can be harnessed to heal various types of illnesses. There are seven major chakras in our bodies that tantric massage will […]

Erotic Massage at Gentelmen's spa Warsaw

A Short History Of Tantric Massage

To understand tantric massage, we first need to take a look at the practice of tantra. Tantra is originally an ancient Hindu spiritual ritual which is part of the Vedic tradition. It is a form of meditation to create a calm mind and sensuality in order to reach new heights of spirituality. Tantra is also […]

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Yoni And Lingam Tantric Massages

Tantric massage and erotic massages are often confused with one another but there are quite a number of differences. Though both types of massages are sexual in nature, erotic massages focuses more on relaxation via physical release while tantric massage strives towards a more spiritual and mental relieve. Tantric massages also involve yoni and lingam […]

Lingam and Tantric Erotic massage in Warsaw

Best Scents For An Erotic Massage

Picking the right scent for your session can really make a difference to your erotic massage. Scents in massage oils, essential oils and candles can create different moods for you, such as a relaxation, stress relief, stimulation, and more. Here are a few suggestions of scents to get you in a sensual and erotic mood: […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To An Erotic Massage

So, you’ve heard or read about erotic massages and you find the idea intriguing. Now you believe you’re ready to try it out. What should you expect out of it? How do you go about booking such a massage? Where do you find a masseuse who knows what they are doing? First of all, if […]