Get To Know: Lingam Massage Strokes

6 April 2019 Hidden Massage

In lingam massage, the ultimate goal isn’t to achieve physical orgasm, but to allow the receiver of the massage to connect with his feelings about sexuality and learn how to harness his sexual energy. There are different lingam massage strokes that can facilitate this process. Take a look at the following to get to know more about them:

The Awakening

This is a light touch to awaken the lingam area. Using soft pressure, the masseuse gently massages the penis, the scrotum area, and the pubic area. She will massage the penis from the shaft to the head. For the scrotum area, she will concentrate on the skin without massaging the testicles. As the pubic area, her massage will include soft touches to the entire area as well as the pubic bone.

The Lingam Concentration

After the initial awakening of the lingam area, the masseuse will move on to concentrate on the lingam or the penis itself. She might use a few different techniques. Her touch will be slightly more intense, but without hurting the receiver. She could start by using a milking technique, where she uses her hands to grasp your penis from the base up to the head over and over. The masseuse can also switch to the anvil technique from here, where she will alternate her hands to massage your lingam with long strokes starting from the head first. Another favorite is the cock screw technique, where one of her hands massages the base of your lingam, while the other strokes the shaft and makes a screwing motion when it reaches the head.

The Ecstasy Aftermath

As your sexual energy builds up, your masseuse will concentrate to direct your energy all throughout your body. Remember to stay relaxed and breathe deeply during this process. She will continue to massage your lingam with gentle strokes and you may or may not reach orgasm. At the end of your session, you should feel refreshed and energized from your lingam massage.

If at any time during the lingam massage the receiver should become too aroused, it is advised that the masseuse stops the massage for a while until the receiver is calm again.

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