Great Music For Tantric/Erotic Massages

27 March 2019 Hidden Massage
Tantric and Erotic Massages

One of the factors that can influence the quality of your tantric or erotic massage session is the environment. This takes into account the decorations, surroundings, and last but not least, the music to set the mood. Here are some of the great music that we know will do justice to your tantric/erotic massage sessions:

Sacred Ragas by Indiajiva

As tantric massage is inspired by Hinduism, this album with its Hindu roots will more than soothe every one of your senses, but also allow you to connect spiritually with your inner self and the Universe during your massage session. Composed and sung by Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen, you’ll love the soulful voices and mantra-like melodies with their healing, prayerful and meditative properties.

Tantra Q Volume 1 by various artists

A compilation of soothing melodies by various artists, this album is published by Tantra Q – Sex Academy. It is very easy to listen to, with light lounge beats and meditative vocals. Used in your tantric massage sessions, the music creates a relaxing atmosphere that will encourage you to let go of inhibitions and transport you to a tropical paradise.

A Hundred Thousand Angels by Bliss

This album is the work of Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett, known together as Bliss. You’ll find Drayton’s vocals extremely fine and soothing to your soul, while the instrumental arrangements by Blissett is superbly done. For your tantric massage sessions, this album can evoke very strong emotions which will help you in sexual healing.

At Hidden Massage, you will find an environment that is both tasteful and luxurious to delight your senses. As for our music, we aim to please your ear with calm, soothing and positive beats that will lull you into the most complete state of euphoria. Book a session or two with us today without delay.