How To Become A Lingam Massage Expert As A Masseuse?

2 August 2019 Hidden Massage
lingam Massage expert

A lingam massage is actually not your basic hand massage. It is a way to help women with male partners master his sexuality and experience full body orgasms. This juicy practice is a way to reconnect with your long-term partner or an adventurous invitation for a new partner to have a unique sexual experience. Lingam Massage is an extraordinary way to deepen connection. We know from experience these techniques really work.  So a lingam massage connects us to our sexual power and it supports a man to feel pleasure on a whole new level.

So the massage is actually a space to both expand ability to feel and open up to connect to a sexuality in a healing way. So here are some key tips on how to successfully become lingam massage expert.

Be fully present in your body. Breathe mindfully with awareness and encourage your partner also to breathe with you. So try not to take anything personally. A lot of guys feel pressure to perform in bed. Simply allow them to relax without expectation.

So get ready to elevate your sex life with these steps to give a real lingam massage.

  • Step one, preparation. Communicate your intentions to your partner or client. So create a beautiful cozy space. Set the scene in a delicious and healing way. Prepare some warm coconut or massage and have some towels on hand.
  • Step two, connect with your partner or client. Connect to your partner by breathing together. Take a moment to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. It may be a bit scary to be vulnerable in this way if you’re not used to it, but if you take even a short moment to connect before the massage, it will take this experience to a new level so you can learn more ways to deepen intimacy
  • Step three, have the full body massage. It is time to awaken your whole body with a full body massage. Slowly apply oil to his body and try synching your breath with the movement. Aim for a more relaxing massage to turn on his full body. And a little bit of touch actually goes a long way. So communicate and tune into what strokes get the best response.

Take a loving moment before you transition to the lingam massage. You can support your client to connect their sexuality to their heart. To do this, place your left hand on your lover’s heart and your right hand on their lingam

  • Step four, stroke his lingam. Remember to communicate with your partner, go slow and be patient to allow the magic to unfold and also play with different intensities in speed. Let’s start with the first stroke. The lingam is yet to gradually invite sensation and go slow. So for the press and release the Lingam with your thumbs and index finger while moving upward from the root to the shaft of the entire Lingam. For the next stroke, hold the Lingam with both hands on either side.