How To Enjoy A Lingam Massage

12 February 2019 Hidden Massage
Lingam Massage

Part of tantric massage includes lingam massage. The word ‘lingam’ comes from an ancient Sanskrit word for penis. Lingam massage focuses on the male genitalia to help men achieve a conscious and loving contact with their masculinity and sexuality. It was further developed by Joseph Kramer and popularised in the West.

Lingam massage can provide many benefits, when done correctly. These include:

  • assistance with sexual abuse and rape
  • assistance with anorgasmia – a condition of inability to achieve orgasm
  • assistance with pain and infertility
  • prolonging erection and muscle toning of the penis
  • assistance with premature ejaculation
  • improvement towards sexual impotence
  • controlling of lust including pornography addiction and excessive masturbation
  • better knowledge of your body and genitals
  • improvement towards feelings of shyness and sexual guilt
  • improvement of energy levels

In lingam massage, a good and qualified masseuse will be able to clear blockages of blood and energy in your body, especially around your groin area, to help you achieve positive emotions about yourself and your sexuality. You could also experience a full body orgasm, which is different from a normal ejaculation. The masseuse will start with a tantric massage focusing on your body before moving on to your penis and prostrate.

So, how do you go about enjoying a lingam massage?

First of all, you should get your expectations right. A tantric massage is not an erotic massage, and it is the same with a lingam massage. It is not meant to be a masturbation massage that solely offers sexual release. Bear in mind that before you go for a lingam massage, you should not expect that you might orgasm at the end of it. The lingam massage is to help you come in touch with your feelings about your sexuality and your own self consciousness as a whole.

Next, you should relax and breathe during your lingam massage. You’ll want to clear your schedule for at least a minimum of 3 – 6 hours to fully enjoy the benefits of a good lingam massage. Don’t be hurried as this will spoil the experience. Remember to breathe constantly and to be mindful of the oxygen flowing in your body as you feel the sensations of the masseuse’s hands on you.