How To Enjoy A Tantric Massage?

2 August 2019 Hidden Massage
Tantric Massage

Tantric massage brings a lot of distressing inner peace calmness and certain level of serenity. However tantric massage does indeed utilize the principles of how energy works. This is not something which is, considered inappropriate or dirty in any way. On the contrary, for tantric, the genitals are considered sacred.

Energy Points

 There’s a lot of amazingly strong energy points in the area, and genitals are very strong conduits of energy as well, in case of women, because of their physical structure and their genitals being different than that of men, specifically genitals being very internal so a lot of women can accumulate emotional and mental stresses, even physical stresses right into their genital area. This isn’t about things related to maybe traumatic sexual experiences. It is about anything on daily life, just being on the run and not having time for yourself to wind down and so on.

All of this in time will accumulate as stress in the area and if it’s not addressed, it can lead to a physical illness. But with tantric massage, working on certain energy points, working on awakening energy that helps in flushing it in a very harmonious way in our being.

The Pleasure

Also possibly reaching pleasurable and orgasmic states, which is very enjoyable is an advantage. By doing that, we relieve or release those stresses from the tissues and therefore automatically brings about a healing effect physically as well. It is understood that anything that we experience physically, any kind of stress or illness, is there because there is a cause which is an energetic one, not the other way around. And this is what tantric massage cures.

So if you find yourself repeatedly over a long duration of the time being in a very stressful state, very agitated, under pressure, with a lot of demands on us, the best way to recuperate is to enjoy a tantric massage.

Tantric massage is a very conducive way of staying healthy and living a long and prosperous life. As we are practicing tantric massage, we use the physical manipulation of the tissues, pressure points and so on to relax the body. Combining it together with the knowledge of how energy works in the system, this is important to purifying ourselves and then eliminating the possibility that things can go as far as physical disease. Overall Tantric massage is kind of like an energetic maintenance of the human structure.

Health benefits of getting a lingam massage.

The Lingam is highly sensible and pleasurable. It is not necessarily sexy and is included in an authentic tantric initiation to honor and worship you as a whole being, but it is certainly not the focus of the session.

So much in life is placed in separate boxes and we can be guilty of doing this with our bodies, separating our genitals from the rest of who we are. Every part of your body in a tantric massage is honored, caressed and respected in equal measure. Lingam healing uses pressure points on and around the Lingam and scrotum. These pressure points are energized and feelings of arousal are built again. This is not due to a goal or intention to create ejaculations, but to promote new senses of arousal and healing. At the same time a lot of health benefit are associated to the lingam massage.

Sexual Health Benefits.

Although most of the health benefits are sexual related, this is a major aspect of human life, and it can arguably affect the overall wellbeing of humans.

Lingam massage supports the healing process of infertility, low sex drive, fear of intimacy, difficulties with touch, fear of being physically close to a woman, and inability to feel, give or receive Love.

Other benefits of lingam massage are the inability to feel safe in one’s own skin, lack of trust in relationships, lack of respect for one’s own sexuality, reducing promiscuity, lack of motivation, inspiration, and Mojo.

Lingam massage invites us into a relationship with another, an ability to trust, a willingness to be vulnerable, an ability to surrender our connection of rich depth and unity. It helps is Nourishing and satisfying sex for the mind, body, and soul. It allows a wide range of orgasms and climax, as well as experiences never tasted before.

Lingam massage helps a man to immerse himself into the personal exploration of his body and masculinity, revealing, deepening, and expanding his sense, ability and sexuality.

Mental Health Benefits.

Lingam massage helps with our relationship with self and how safe we feel in our own skin. Energy is fired up in the Lingam area and moved throughout the body. The unconscious becomes conscious, blessing us with clarity and freedom from limiting beliefs that have restricted our sexuality. This helps to have healthy relationships with sell, find others and stand strong in our own roots.

 The point is to not provide relief through ejaculation, but use the sense of arousal to reach blissful spaces of no mind to achieve whole body sensations, healing and deep relaxation.