How To Put Your Client At Ease As A Masseuse?

2 August 2019 Hidden Massage
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There are a lot of benefits to communicating with clients about their own body while they’re on the table or bed. Although you could have a chart on the wall, there’s still nothing like talking to your client about their muscles, body or the massage procedure.

Sometimes it may just be about educating the client and making the person feel comfortable throughout the session. For instance, while you’re working on a client’s rotator cuff, you can tell them what they know about rotator cuffs. Most people don’t know that their rotator cuff is a group of muscles because no one ever explained that. So by taking a moment to explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, that can bring the client to be more in touch with their own body, this kind of give them an idea about what’s going on in an area that may have been kind of mysterious or even scary.

Some of the clients don’t know why a masseur is interested in their hips when the pain is in their lower back. So by giving them this extra information, by showing them with your hands that there can be a correlation between these two points and talking to them about it, you can bring them on board with why you are doing what you are doing. And that can have some interesting results.

  • First of all, it can increase their satisfaction as a massage client by knowing what you are doing and why we’re doing it. It can make them feel like they’re a partner in their treatment, which is how an expert masseur always want it to be seen.
  • Second, by bringing them on board that can increase their compliance with homework. This can be more effective than just saying, go stretch yourself or go use a foam roller. With this you are telling them the why they need to undergo activities. By telling them a little bit extra that can be enough to make them think it might be worth doing more of.

Now a big disclaimer. One thing that you don’t want to do while working on your client as a masseur is making them uncomfortable about themselves They’re trusting you with their body, and what you don’t want is to stigmatize them. You don’t want to talk to them or frame things in such a way that they leave with a complex or with new worries about their body.