Tantric Massage And Chakras

11 February 2019 Hidden Massage
Tantric Massage And Chakras

Tantric massage aims to awaken the Kundalini energy within your body and allow it to travel from the base chakra to the crown chakra. As this energy manifests and moves along the spine, it can be harnessed to heal various types of illnesses. There are seven major chakras in our bodies that tantric massage will concentrate upon:

Root (The First Chakra)

Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Location in the body: Back – tailbone on the base of the spine; Front – pubic bone

The root chakra governs our needs for safety, survival and sexual expression. If this chakra is blocked or unbalanced, it can cause fearfulness and lack of energy. When this chakra is well maintained, it gives us the power to focus and achieve our goals.

Sacral (The Second Chakra)

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana

Location in the body: Two inches below the navel, rooted in the spine

The sacral chakra deals with relationships, procreation, intuition and emotions. When blocked, you may experience addictions, emotional unbalance, and manipulative thoughts. Balancing this chakra will give you creativity and self confidence.

Solar Plexus (The Third Chakra)

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Location in the body: Two inches below the breastbone, center behind the stomach

The solar plexus chakra rules personal power, ego and thinking. If it is out of balance, it can cause worry, irritability, depression and confusion. Having a well balanced solar plexus chakra will ensure cheerfulness, self esteem and transformation.

Heart (The Fourth Chakra)

Sanskrit name: Anahata

Location in the body: In the chest. Back – on the spine between the shoulder blades; Front – behind the breast bone

Love, compassion and connection with others are the source of the heart chakra. Without proper care, it can make you feel lonely, unworthy, critical and anti-social. A balance in your heart chakra provides friendliness and happiness for you.

Throat (The Fifth Chakra)

Sanskrit name: Visuddha

Location in the body: On the lower neck V of the collarbone

The throat chakra is connected with expression and is the center of communication. When unbalanced, it can cause timidness, quietness and weakness. Unblocking this chakra allows us to speak the truth with honest expression.

Third Eye (The Sixth Chakra)

Sanskrit name: Ajna

Location in the body: Above your eyes in the center of the forehead

As the sixth chakra, the third eye governs our wisdom and psychic abilities. You might experience negativity, fear of success and delusions if it is blocked. Balancing the third eye can accelerate your thinking and mental processes.

Crown (The Seventh Chakra)

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Location in the body: Behind the top of the skull

Sahasrara is the chakra that provides enlightenment. If unbalanced, it can cause frustration and destructiveness. With balance, this chakra brings limitless knowledge of the divine.

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